A downloadable tool for Windows and macOS

How To Use

Click the "Toss" button and it'll run. You can't toss again in the middle of a toss.

You can mute the SE and exit via buttons on top left and right.

Who Can Use

Everyone can download this project. However,  only Regis Altare from Holostars English  can use this tool on stream without asking for permission.

If you want to use this on stream, send me a message  on Twitter.  Here


Code: Used ASecondGuy's MIT project as reference

Art: Roxfreeze

Audio: On-Jin 音人

1. 消失・ぱちんっ

2. 動き09(ぺろろろ・上がり)

Font: ベストテンFONT // FLOP Design

This game is derived from Cover Corporation's Hololive property, for non-commercial purposes. 

This game is produced according to Cover Corporation's Derivative Work License Agreement.


AltaresCoin.exe.zip 27 MB
AltaresCoin.rar 10 MB

Development log


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Cute and simple coin tossing tool.

Good job! :D

Thank you! I thought about adding more functions but I ended up keeping it simple. Small projects like this turns out to be really fun :3