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In this game, you play as a bunch of concerned Omaesans, trying to find a tired Aragami Oga and relieve his stress by patting him on the head. However, you only have 10 seconds to find Oga, so strike while the iron's still hot!

How to Play

  • ←、→:move
  • ↑: jump
  • Esc: Pause

Your objective is to find Oga in 10 seconds. If the time runs out or you fall into a pit, you will fail. 

There are 10 levels in this game.

(日本語はGoogle Translate使いました、申し訳ありません)

プレヤーの目的は10秒でオウガさんを見つけることです。 時間がなくなったり、穴に落ちたりすると失敗します。


Author's Note

⚠There is NO save or checkpoint, return to title or quitting will reset your progress!⚠

play time: ~5 mins. I tested all these levels by myself, you should be able to pass all of them in 10 secs. Level 9 and 10 might be a little tricky! 


  • Program, level design, art: Rox Freeze
  • Music: 125.闇のダンジョン, 139.Let's Shopping, 233.Haiku // KenKenBgm
  • SE: ちゃんちゃん♪1, 間抜け3 // soundeffect-lab
  • Font: ベストテンFONT // FLOP Design

This game is derived from Cover Corporation's Hololive property, for non-commercial purposes. 

This game is produced according to Cover Corporation's Derivative Work License Agreement.

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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